Words from our client community

Paul and his team of workers have been busily building our new home in Thames. These guys are just great to work with and to have around, their passion for what they do and the attention to detail is making this whole journey such a pleasure. Sadly Covid 19 has (and still does) cause many delays but Paul thinks and plans ahead so much that we have had far less disruption than might otherwise have been the case. The home is so cosy and we are very proud of it. Our home has been admired by so many people in the neighbourhood and that’s before we even move in! We can’t thank them enough.


Peter and Jo Birch , Thames 2021

The house has definitely lived up to expectation and we wouldn’t have left expect for our age. 4 acres of quarry land was too much to keep up. We’ve been there 25 years and it has always felt very healing. My daughter who does psychology always says when she comes back home to visit she feels it is very healing in this house “everything disappears” she says of other stresses.
There isn’t much we would have done different with the house – possibly if we’d have had more money we would have built bigger eves on the south side but we were on a shoestring budget. We haven’t had to do any maintenance work on the masonry and this has meant that I’ve been able to take care of the land and do eco-tours.

Eunice Martin, The Olive Grove, Cambridge 1993

Paul was so passionate about building and taking the environment into consideration. Paul is very knowledgeable with suggestions on using natural resources that we did not know about. He is very committed to building these types of homes. He wants to leave a legacy. Everybody we met who has built with Paul loves their homes…The building process was interesting and Paul gave us many suggestions. I’m a farmer and I could help with the practical stuff when building the home, Paul was very open to us helping. For a 240m2 house, I only took away 1 trailer load of rubbish. All the left over wood we chopped up to use in the fireplace as it was free of chemicals. We have no maintenance, we put oil on the wood and joinery every 3 – 5 years. No paint to chip. The walls breathe, the air in the house always seems clean.

Simon Clayton, Cambridge 2008

The feature that we like is that our home is natural, non-toxic and blends in with the environment rather than being imposing, the colours and the materials are part of the landscape. We were able to build a large home that is healthy and non-toxic, sustainable and eco-friendly. People say that when they visit our home it smells lovely from the oiled timber and it’s warm & cosy. It’s an easy place to come home to. Our home is warm in winter and cool in summer. We have no condensation at all – any moisture gets absorbed. We have been healthier with fewer colds since we have been here. It is also not unnaturally dry; the walls perform as a self-regulating indoor climate control. I would recommend Paul’s company; he is the most knowledgeable in this type of building in this country and ee would like to encourage more people to build in this way

Jayne Baker, Karapiro 2009

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