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We’re facing a climate crisis. As the president said, “no challenge—no challenge—poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Extreme weather, melting glaciers and rising sea levels all link to climate change. If we continue on this trajectory, nature’s future—along with our own—is in jeopardy.

Without climate action, humanity, wildlife, and the planet we know and love will suffer. Many species, like walruses, elephants, and giant pandas will be under increased threat when they’re not able to adapt to rising seas, changing rainfall patterns, warming temperatures, an acidifying and warming ocean and other consequences of increased carbon pollution.

We cannot stand back and let this happen. We need to start today and change the way we choose and use energy and resources. The US must take decisive action to fight climate change and cut carbon pollution to reduce the impacts of climate change and inspire other countries to do the same.

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    This is a kiwi good-bloke story of how an ancient earth building method can slow climate change, improve health and impact construction for good. Warning: it may contain some uncomfortable truths!
    After writing an initial chapter and doing preliminary research on the rest, it was a successful Kickstarter campaign that made the continuation of this story possible. In supporting this storytelling, campaign backers were also bettering living environments and financial outcomes for many more generations to come.
    To weave together all of these closely related subjects, I've used Mr Geraets' own colourful journey as a common and robust thread. Rightfully, the tale features lots of other characters and perspectives.
    You'll learn about the engineers who chose to work with him and understand what it was like to build something bold and new on the cliffs above Raglan's Whale Bay.
    You'll also hear from countless others around the world who have something meaningful to say about the construction industry's relationship with the environment, and how rammed earth can provide solid, durable, affordable and healthy homes for generations to come.
    I urge you to join me on this journey and register your interest in reading this story below.
    Ngā mihi nui
    Sally Webster

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