Mangapai Home

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Design and Build: Terra Firma
Special features:

Project Description

Design work started for this particularly striking home in September 2015, with construction kicking off in February 2017.  We completed it that same year in November 2017.

There are two things that make this home a little different to others. Firstly, it is the first home that we designed with a mono-pitch roof, which always adds significant cost to a project. However, our clients were adamant and prepared to meet the expense, so we worked with the challenge to create an open space inside the home without creating too large a roof-span – with this design we couldn’t employ structural trusses to span the large space so plenty of creative engineering was required. We’re thrilled with the results.

We used a Terra Firma signature long house design, a principle that worked really well. The home is quite large at 280m2, which includes a garage. On this project the owner took care of all plumbing and electrical work, including installing a state-of-the-art off-grid electrical supply which relied mainly on photovoltaic (PV) panels to capture energy from the sun. The heat pump and hot water cylinder combined system was used to supply underfloor heating. This home is reported to be very comfortable year-round which is always a huge accomplishment when you have the energy limits that come with off-grid living.

The second novelty in this project was the wall soil mix. We used a mix of white limestone and Mangawhai sandstone, then blended that with 9-10% of white cement. We really were so impressed with the resulting stunning white walls that giving the home a very contemporary look without being stark. The home is situated on top of a hill and visible from many directions and will no doubt catch the eye of many travelling past. Another new project feature was the use of uPVC joinery. The kitchen was built by a local craftsman.

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