Initial concept plan for Tauwhare Home

We can design rammed earth homes and buildings that are beautiful, comfortable, weatherproof and energy efficient.

Our senior designer Paul Geraets works with clients to design floor plans, working drawings and elevations which maximize passive solar benefits, capture the best views, and address the lifestyle needs of the client. In addition, each home is tailored to the individual building site in order to minimize the site development costs.

With the growing use of contemporary earth architecture, a new era of design has emerged.

Rammed Earth walls and their solid formed mass with its distinctive patterns, textures and natural tones from nature offer strong, contrasting impressions of mass and lightness that create a structural simplicity.

Different qualities of light through the day and through the seasons produces subtle effects over the warm earthy colour of the walls. This ever changing backdrop is perhaps one of the reasons that many who live or work in them say that earth buildings are truly unique and attractive.
From a heritage cottage to modern minimalism, Terrafirma can build to a wide variety of architectural styles. Our homes have included rammed earth chimneys, artistic relief and sculptured walls, curved walls, arches and columns, and engineered walls for two-story construction. quote2Part of the ambience of rammed earth walls is related to the durability and feeling of permanence created by solid buildings.

We are able to provide the following:
  • Prepare or help prepare concept designs
  • Establish team of design professionals (architect, engineer, quantity surveyor etc)
  • Provide information on efficient construction techniques and materials
  • Supply up to date, local information on costs and availability of labour and materials
  • Provide preliminary estimates
  • Coordinate working drawings
  • Develop schedules of prices and quantities
  • Construction timetable development
  • Develop cash flow schedule
  • Document preparation for building permits

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