Custom Homes and cost

Rammed earth home in the Puhoi area

We offer a total "design to lockup” package. This can include design and planning as well as supervision.

Our per-square-metre costs have been running around $3000m2 to build. (Not including design costs and associated services such as septic system, landscaping, water tanks, etc.)
There are many variables which affect cost, most significant would be;
  •  Location - remote and distant locations will increase costs.
  •  Site conditions - steep sites, unstable ground, etc. can also have a significant impact on the cost  of a project.
  •  Design - this is critical and our involvement in the design process is essential to ensure that the  work can be done at an acceptable cost as our systems of construction are unique to building  rammed earth homes.

Since we subcontract trades (such as plumbing and electrical) to licensed trade contractors with whom we have worked for years, our clients get the reliable service of a large organisation without the associated overhead. Our on-site project manager assures quality workmanship and efficient scheduling of trades.

Full package is more suited to the greater Auckland and Waikato area.

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