Two storey rammed earth home, Rototuna, Hamilton City

Terrafirma’s Managing Director Paul Geraets has been building exclusively in rammed earth since 1992 and is a Licensed Building Practitioner for Design area of practice 2 – for category 1 and 2 buildings.

Category 1 buildings are single household dwellings with low- or medium-risk envelope design.

Category 2 buildings are single household dwellings with high-risk envelope design, or other buildings with a building height* less than 10 m

Paul often consults to and with architects, designers, engineers, owners and builders on rammed earth construction.

His experience and practical know-how in this specialised industry enables him to offer advice on how to plan your project efficiently and solve problems effectively including:
  • identifying projects goals
  • construction cost estimate
  • input on feasibility studies
  • assisting in selection of professionals
  • contribution to preliminary design
  • working with design teams and engineers
  • develop buildable components and construction details
  • consultation on labour issues.


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