Our Auckland Homeshow Experience

A big thank you to all of you who stopped by our stall at the Auckland Home Show last week to rave about our beautiful and robust homes, or to ask further questions comparing pricing to other forms of building and wanting to know more about the physical properties of rammed earth. Your enthusiasm and support for our construction philosophy is heartening.

We were overwhelmed with the response. In fact we got so busy, it was a week of just talking flat out to people, eating and sleeping – more of the first and little of the other two, having to consume meals as we continued to chat with all you interested folk.

We believe very few other systems of wall building comes close to the level of ecological and sustainable soundness of rammed earth, but it was just refreshing and revitalising for us to see how many of you out there agree with us.

Lot’s of people have been thinking about an eco build for a while and we hope we were able to hand on useful information on why we consider rammed earth relevant in this light. There were some people who wanted to go all out with their green living, we hope we were able to offer a pragmatic view of the possible pitfalls that are commonly encountered, particularly in the quest to go ‘off grid’.

Planning is key to a rammed earth home building project and giving yourself as much time as possible to start on the plans and then sit on them, mulling them over and really getting a feel of what you need, then what you want. That is the way to go. Of course, if you’re ready to build, with your heart set on rammed earth our considerable experience can get your house plans rolling straight away. You will have questions, we’ll have the answers (usually), making the planning process straightforward and efficient.

For anyone new to the concept of rammed earth, send us your questions – as many as you like, we don’t mind. The more you learn and know about rammed earth the more we believe you’ll fall in love with it. When a home truly fulfills your fundamental living needs then it is Beautiful.


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